A Compilation of the Worst Rape Cases in the World by James U. Sy Jr. (Last Updated February 17, 2018)

* Albert Magbanua, 27, a tricycle driver, gave a ride to a woman, 21, after she got out of her workplace, Sorrento, in February 2012, 1:00 AM and raped her before they can reach the girl’s home in Purok Tumpok, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City. The girl, who was having her period, was hit by Magbanua with a sugarcane stalk several times, punched in the stomach, and attempted to kill her. She feigned unconsciousness and when she could muster enough strength to find her way home. The victim positively identified the rapist when he was presented to her while she lay on her sick bed.

* Alexander Kirilov, 44, a Russian, under the influence of alcohol tried to rape a raccoon but instead had his penis bitten off (“Raccoon Rapist’s Penis).

Alexander Rible, College Dean of St. Jude College in Manila, convinced Annika (not her real name), a BS Hotel and Restaurant Management student, to sleep with him to get passing grades and they went on to have a relationship for not less than six months. Rible, however, was enraged when Annika refused to leave her live-in partner and broke off their relationship instead. In retaliate, Rible created a fake Facebook account using the name Benjamin Austria and posted her nude photos there for public viewing and even went so far as inviting the student’s friends for them to see the scandalous pictures. Rible was arrested and charged with rape and violating Section 4-a of Republic Act 9995 (Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009), the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act (RA 7877), and Anti-Violation of Women and Children Act (RA 9262). Rible was freed after posting a P7,000 bail bond at the Manila Regional Trial Court.

* Ariel Dela Cruz is the suspect who allegedly shot Joshua Bornales, 15, of Doña Juliana Subd., Brgy. Taculing, Bacolod City in the right side of his head thereby killing him and raping his girlfriend, 14, of Hermilinda Homes, Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod City on November 20, 211 afternoon at BREDCO Port, Brgy. 10, Bacolod City. The couple was seeking shelter from the rain at the ruins along BREDCO port when the suspect came reportedly on board a motorcycle and threatened them with a .9mm pistol and attempted to molest the girl. The girl grappled with the suspect for the gun when he tried to shoot her too, causing the bullet to dislodge from its chamber foiling the attempt. The girl then fled and sought the help (Malo-oy “Murder, Rape Raps”).

* “Anna,” a dementia patient in a Victorian nursing home in Australia, is perhaps the oldest rape victim in the world, at 98, who was raped 3 times by a male carer/staff member over what could have been a 6 month period. The same man also had either digitally raped or indecently assaulted 3 other residents in their 90’s at the same nursing home. The man was charged by police but a Health Department spokeswoman said that their investigation found the accusation to be unsubstantiated (AAP “Claims of Rape”).

* Ashleigh Geist, 18, of Olathe, Kansas allegedly sodomized a 3 year old boy on July 9, 2012 and was arrested on July 31, 2012 and charged with aggravated criminal sodomy. Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence because of the alleged victim’s age. If given the maximum penalty, Geist would be eligible for parole after 25 years (Leshchinskaya).

* Balal Khan is the youngest convicted rapist in Great Britain, at 13 when he raped a woman, 20, in September 2009 at a secluded area near Cobridge, in Stoke-on-Trent. He was sentenced to just 3 years of imprisonment at young offenders’ institution after he pleaded guilty in 2010(?) (Meow).

* Beverley Brandreth, 20, of Sharston, Manchester of Sharston, Manchester falsely accused her ex-boyfriend of raping her on two separate occasions, resulting to him being arrested each time and spending a total of 30 hours in custody. She first claimed that he raped her while she was pregnant, resulting to the lose of the baby. The next allegation was that he dragged her into the woods and beat her unconscious and raped her. Brandreth was arrested, convicted, and jailed (Ward).

* Bilal Skaf led a group of 13 other Lebanese-Australian Muslims in a two-month long series of ethnically motivated gang rapes against at least 7 non-Muslim Anglo-Celtic Australian teenage girls aged 13-18, who were chosen on the basis of race, in south-western Sydney Australia starting in August 2000 (Bowden; Devine; Goodenough; “Sydney Gang Rapes”). The women were lured or forced to go to parks or other remote spots by groups of men, who would then use mobile phones to call up others and invite them to participate in the gang rape (Goodenough). A victim was 16 when she was dragged at gunpoint to a park in Greenacre in Sydney by 12 men (Bowden; Devine). Another girl, 18, was raped 25 times at gunpoint by 14 men over 6 hours in Bankstown and Chullora. One of the rapists called her “Aussie pig” and had been told, “I’m going to f*** you Leb-style”; at one point, she was sprayed down with a fire hose (Bowden; Devine; Goodenough). Victims were threatened by the perpetrators’ families and defense lawyers suggested the victims enjoyed the rapes; a victim received repeated phone threats from unknown people until a fortnight before the trial began and a witness was shot (Devine; Goodenough). Most of the 14 rapists men have not been named because they were under 18 at the time of the crime (Goodenough). The nine men convicted of the gang rapes were sentenced to a total of more than 240 years in jail (“Sydney Gang Rapes”).

* A boy from Sunderland, who admitted assaulting two children, aged 6 and 7, is the youngest person to be placed on the Sex Offenders Register in England, at age 12, in February 1999 (Bennetto).

* A boy, 10, was charged at Nottingham Crown Court with the rape of a boy, 12, but he was convicted of indecent assault on October 1998 in England (Bennetto).

* A boy, 12, from Bolton, Lancs was charged in 2011 with raping two girls, the first between October and December 2010, when he was 11, and the other in March 2011making him one of the youngest people ever charged with the offense in Great Britain. He was charged with four counts of rape against a child under the age of 13, as well as two counts of sexual assault against a child under 13, and attempting to rape a child under 13 (“Boy of 12 Charged”).

* A boy, 12, the youngest rapist in Great Britain, was 12 when he was given 30 months’ detention in 2004 for raping a girl, 9 (“Boy of 12 Charged”).

* A boy, 12, was convicted on May 29, 1998 of raping a girl, 5, at Harehills cemetery in Leeds on a Sunday afternoon in September 1999, becoming one of the youngest people ever to be convicted in British criminal history. The girl’s uncle, 12, also indecently assaulted the girl, under threats of setting his clothes on fire from the first boy. The kids were playing when the girl was first raped by the boy, then his uncle, and again by the first boy. The boys will be placed on the Sexual Offenders Register and will have to report their movements to the police (Bennetto).

* A boy, 12, was given 3 years’ supervision in 2008 after raping a girl of seven when he was 11 (“Boy of 12 Charged”).

* Two boys, 10 and 11, dubbed the youngest convicted sex offenders in Great Britain, were convicted in May 2010 of attempted rape (but cleared of rape) of a girl, 8, when they were both 10, at the Old Bailey (“Boy of 12 Charged”; Bennetto; “World’s Youngest Orgy”).

* Boys, aged between 10 and 14, were convicted in 1996 of rape in England (Bennetto).

* Boys, aged 9, 10, 13, and 14, lured a Liberian girl, 8, to an empty storage shed with the promise of chewing gum, restrained her and took turns raping her on July 16, 2009 in Arizona, USA. The 9 and 10 year old boys, who are cousins and Liberian immigrants, were ordered to remain in juvenile detention with restricted visitors, the 14 year-old has been charged as an adult, and prosecutors are seeking to charge the 13 year-old as an adult as of press time (Associated Press “2 Youngest Boys Ordered”).

* A call center agent, 20, was raped by her drinking buddy on March 2, 2013, 3:15 AM, inside her boarding house in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines (Pedrosa 2).

* A college student, 20, was gang raped and murdered on June 15, 2013 in Barasat, Kolkata, India

* Connecticut required a mentally disabled rape victim , in September 2012 to provide evidence of her “kicking, biting, scratching” in objection to her rape (Chemaly).

* The Court of Appeals in the Philippines dismissed a rape case against a boy, 13 at the time, who molested a 6 year old girl on account of his being a minor, citing the Juvenile Justice and Welfare System Law of 2006 which says that persons 15 years old and below cannot be charged in court, but it has affirmed the rape conviction of Ronald “Jeff” Quesada, a complete paralytic who can’t even go to the toilet without being carried by two people (Tulfo).

* Daniel Dougherty, an American serviceman, sexually abused and infected with venereal diseases 18 children from Olongapo City, Philippines in 1982 (“Campaign Against Paedophiles”).

* A father bit off his 6-year-old son’s penis in Shenzhen, China after the boy refused a request to bite the father’s penis. The boy’s organ was reattached by doctors (Wilkins).

* Fr. John M. Fiala, 52, a Texas Roman Catholic priest, was indicted on three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child (a 16-year-old boy) and one count of aggravated sexual assault by threat (rape at gunpoint) in September 2010 in Edwards County, Texas. Fiala somehow was allowed to post bond on September 27 and tried to hire someone to kill the teenager, reportedly offering $5,000.00 for the job (“Special Place in Hell”).

* Genevieve Lamaya, 22, a housewife, successfully thwarted a rape attempt by Roberto Calvario, 34, a tricycle driver, in June 2012 in a banana grove in Tinampaan Village, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, although she ended up in a hospital due to numerous stab wounds on her body inflicted by the suspect, The suspect was detained at the Cadiz City PNP jail as of press time (Malo-oy “Tricycle Driver”).

* Not a rape case but still a form of exploitation. Georgie Audean Buoy, an 82-year-old woman who was a member of the local church for more than 20 years, was arrested in 2006 and sentenced to 3 years in jail in early 2007 for having a sexual relationship with an 11 year old boy, to whom she was a foster mother, in The Dalles, Oregon, USA, according to a report by the Oregonian (“The World’s Strangest”).

* A girl, 11, a grade VI pupil, was raped and killed by a still unidentified suspect as of press time on February 12, 2013 in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. The victim sustained lip and head injuries with hematoma on her neck and her private part was badly ruptured. She went to the sugar cane plantation at 7:00 PM to relieve herself but failed to return after 30 minutes so her mother looked for her and found her soaked with blood on the ground, just about 30-40 meters away from their home. She was brought to the hospital but expired while being treated a few hours after (Malo-oy “San Carlos PNP”).

* A girl, 11, was repeatedly gang raped by 14 adult men in Texas, USA (Chemaly).

* A girl, 15, in the warn-torn Democratic Republic of Congo was held by soldiers in a hole for 5 months and gang-raped nearly every day. When she was released, she was 5 months pregnant (Drash).

* A girl, 9, who was on her way to school in the warn-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, was nabbed by two soldiers who put a bag over her head and pulled her into the bushes where she was raped (Drash).

* A girl, 13, was raped by her father, a rickshaw driver, almost every day over the course of a year starting in January 2001, when her mother left for work in Hong Kong as a domestic helper and left the three siblings with the father in Los Banos, Philippines. When she had her period or on holidays, the father would make her perform oral sex. The incestuous father was convicted of 360 counts of rape and was originally condemned to die in March 2006 but the Court of Appeals in Manila commuted the sentence to 40 years for each count or a total of 14,400 years in prison. The appeals court affirmed the lower court’s dismissal of the defense’s contention that the man’s wife made up the allegations to get custody of the children and marry a foreigner (Associated Press “Philippine Court”).

* A girl, 16, was raped by her uncle, 47, on April 30, 2012 in Toboso, Negros Occidental. The suspect was arrested (Malo-oy “Girl, 16, Cries Rape”).

* A girl, who was noticed by a police officer during a routine patrol of the kiddie stroll in Vancouver, Canada, is believed to be the youngest street prostitute discovered by police in Canada as of 2011, at 11. The girl had been working there for 4 days with no more than 4 hours sleep and she’d work 12 hours at a time, with perhaps a 3 hour break. The girl told police that she was abducted and forced onto the street prostitution by Americans Jabari McCrory, 26, David Martin Walker, 25, and Milenda Mae Carter, 24, all of Portland and all with criminal records in the US, whom she met at a Portland shopping mall. The perpetrators entered Canada from Oregon by telling border officials they were going to Vancouver to attend a wedding. They drugged her with acid, speed, ecstasy and caffeine and assaulted by her to keep her working. The perpetrators got close to $1,000 in 4 days of peddling the girl almost non-stop. The girl was flown back to Portland a day after she was picked up by police. The gang is facing a string of charges including abduction of a child under 14, sexual interference with someone under 14, assault and living off the avails of prostitution (Mickleburgh).

* A girl, who was relieving herself in a seaside village in Talisay City, Escalante City, Negros Occidental, was raped by her neighbor. She feigned she was dead and found her way home. The suspect was at large as of press time (“Rape Victim Able to Identify”).

* Gottfried W., known as Friedl to neighbors, 80, former council labourer, raped his own two daughters, Christine, 53, and Erika, 45, and kept them in a dingy basement surrounded by farming implements, old oil drums, wood, cement sacks, filth, and a commode for 41 years (15,000 days and nights) in St. Peter am Hart, Brannau, Austria. The women were forced to sleep at night on a wooden shelf while Gottfried lay on a feather bed. Berta (D: 2008), the man’s wife, was also beaten by Gottfried like her daughters with a stick and poked with a pitchfork; Berta made her daughters promise on her deathbed not to tell anyone about what their father did to them. Gottfried controlled all social contact of his daughters with the outside world, with the only time they were seen out together was with him visiting the grave of their mother. The horrible ordeal of the sisters ended in May 2011 when Christine finally snapped when Gottfried tried to rape her one more time and hit him with a milk jug on the head. He fell to the floor and cracked his head again. Gottfried was unable to move for two days. Gottfried was treated of his injuries and sent to jail while the investigation against him continued and he will face charges of rape, unlawful imprisonment, cruelty, assault and making threats to kill; his daughters, who were born healthy but became mentally ill because of abuse, are undergoing psychiatric therapy in a clinic (Hall).

* James Mashiloane, 30, of GaMarishane village near Nebo, South Africa, tried to rape a woman who pretended to submit but then bit off his tongue. Mashiloane stabbed the woman several times. He was arrested while at a local hospital for a tongue operation (Stuijt).

* Jimmy Lee Gray, who was convicted of raping and brutally murdering 3 year old Deressa Jean Seales, died slamming his head against a metal pole behind the chair he was strapped into in 1983 during his execution in a Mississippi gas chamber when the poisonous gas had failed to kill him but left him in agony and gasping for 8 minutes (MacDonald).

* John Azabache, 31, a math teacher, was supposed to be married on July 12, 2013 but was instead arrested for allegedly raping one of his students, 16. The wedding was called off (Gastaldo “On Day He Was to Marry”).

* John Raymond Travers, 18, led four other criminals in repeatedly raping Anita Lorraine Cobby, the naked body of whom was found by farmer John Reen on February 4, 1986 in the Boiler Paddock on his farm in Sydney, Australia; Cobby had been reported missing by her family the day before. She had been dragged through a barbed-wire fence and punched, beaten and kicked, leaving extensive bruising on her head, breasts, face, shoulders, groin, thighs and legs. Her throat had been cut and she was almost decapitated; medical officers believed that she was conscious when she had her throat cut and it would have taken 2-3 minutes for her to bleed to death. The five rapists had over 50 convictions for offenses including larceny, illegal drug use, car theft, breaking and entering, armed robbery, escaping lawful custody, receiving stolen goods, assault and rape. Travers is believed to be responsible for the rape of at least a dozen men and women. He has been arrested for using marijuana, was an alcoholic at 14, and had been in and out of institutions since he was 12. Travers was into bestiality, enjoying sex with sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and lambs; in one occasion, he sodomized a sheep and as he was about to have an orgasm, he pulled the animal’s head back and cut its throat (Kidd).

* Joshua Espartero, 22, of Sitio Saragoza, Hacienda Mimi, Brgy. 10, Victorias City allegedly raped and killed his teenage cousin, Maryjoy Guasa, also of the same place, on November 6, 2012. Guasa and Espartero went to a party of their uncle, Eleazar Gonzaga, before the crime happened; Guasa’s corpse was found by her father the next day partially buried in an empty farm about 300 meters away from their residence (Malo-oy “Man ‘Rapes and Kills”).

* Josie Divinagracia, a handler of fighting cocks who was then drunk, grabbed a 15 year old girl who was watching the Junior-Senior Prom and search for Miss Gay at Japitan High School and took her to a dark area where he raped her on February 12, 2005, 2:00 AM, in Escalante City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. He was sentenced to a 40 year imprisonment by Judge Danilo Amisola of the Regional Trial Court Branch 58 in San Carlos City and commanded to pay the victim P100,000 in civil indemnity and moral damages (Dangcalan “Rapist of Minor”).

* Juan Henoch Mejia, 19, of Rio Hondo, Texas molested two toddler sisters, 3 and 4 years old after they walked in on him masturbating and made them drink his semen from a cup afterwards. The medical examination at the Valley Baptist Medical Center revealed that elder girl had been sexually abused. Mejia, who was connected to the children through their grandparents, was arrested on August 1, 2012 and charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child (Olson “Teen Accused”).

* A man, about 60, dragged a girl, 17, at knife point into the bush in Mopani and tried to rape her. The girl complied to his orders but when she had the chance she grabbed the knife and stabbed him in the penis. The man escaped (Stuijt).

* A man, 21, in South Africa dragged a woman into the bushes and tried to rape her. The woman asked the rapist to kiss her first before penetrating her then bit his lower lip and tongue and kicked his genitals. The rapist ran away and was later arrested in a queue at a clinic in Sekhukhune just before he was to have his tongue attended to (Stuijt).

* “Mary” (B: 1978?) of Dublin, Ireland, the third youngest of a large family, was raped by her brother 8 years older than her over 8 years, 2-3 times a week, starting when was 4 in 1982 up until she was 12 or 13. The incestuous rape was an open secret among her parents, a teacher, and social workers, all of whom did nothing to stop it. Her mother’s solution was to put a bolt on the girls’ bedroom door. Her brother would punch her in the face and in the chest; he had also split their father’s head open and throw his own son across the kitchen. “Mary” made multiple suicide attempts. “Mary” went to court for her case for 15 years. Each time her family would take the side of his brother. The brother was found guilty by a jury but the judge decided he wouldn’t have to serve any time in prison because he was an “upstanding member of the community.” However, a jury in the High Court awarded her in 2010 a landmark/record payout for sexual abuse of €2.5 million, said to be the highest compensation payout in the history of the state, money “Mary” knows she will never see. Another brother of “Mary” has been convicted of raping a neighbor’s child and given a nine-year sentence (“SW Irish Crime”).

* Norwegian professors, who were sex tourists, abducted 6 children from Pagsanjan, Philippines and brought them to Oslo in 1989. Both were convicted in Norway and got 11 years in prison. Video taped evidence were collected by the police (“Campaign Against Paedophiles”).

* Oksana Makar, 18, of Mykolaiv, Ukraine was raped, strangled and left for dead at a construction site, her body having been set on fire on March 9, 2012. Makar burned for 10 hours, calling for help, before she was discovered. Three well-connected men were placed in custody (Antonova).

* Paul Blackwood was brought to court for attempting to rape a 101 year old woman after breaking into her house in West Midlands, UK in November 2005. Blackwood pushed the woman to the floor and pulled off some of her clothes. He returned to try and rub evidence off the carpet with his shoe but the DNA collected from said carpet matched Blackwood’s (“Man ‘Tried to Rape 101-Year-Old’”).

* A photojournalist working as an intern at a magazine was gang raped in August 2013 in the abandoned Shakti Mills compound (textile mill) in Mumbai, India

* A policewoman, 27, a widow and a mother of two girls, was gang raped by two of five axe-wielding men, aged 20-22, who ambushed her car while she and family members, including her father and brother, were traveling along a highway to her village shortly after midnight on August 28, 2013 with the body of her deceased sister in Jharkhand state in eastern India (MacAskill & Pradhan).

* Rape and molestation of six children by their fathers, uncles, and cousins were reported for the week of February 9-15, 2013 in Bacolod City. A construction worker raped his daughters, aged 1 and 3 respectively, as confirmed by medical examinations and molested his son, 5, and on February 12, 2013, 5:30 AM, his stepson, 7, by his wife’s first husband, in Bacolod City. A sexagenarian raped his niece, 11, and another construction worker, 33, inserted his finger into the private part of his cousin, 15, on February 12, 2013, 10:30 PM, while they were inside their house.

* A retired US government employee, 59, allegedly raped the daughter, 12, of his live-in partner in 2012 in Bacolod City. The suspect has a pending arrest warrant for rape issued by Judge Philadelfa Agraviador of the Regional Trial Court Branch 43 in Bacolod City dated June 25, 2013. The Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) went to Bacolod to get further information about the cases committed by the suspect, who also have two rape cases in the US; however, the suspect is no longer in Bacolod City and is now in the US (Pedrosa “FBI in Bacolod”).

* Ricardo Ricalde, then 17, of Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, Philippines allegedly raped his 3 year old niece in January 2004 and was arrested at the Libertad Market in Bacolod City thereafter (“Preso Kabalyero” 1).

* Rodger William Kelly, 50, of Utah, USA found a woman, 29, whom he claimed he had a previous relationship with, pass out in front of her apartment on May 19, 2013 and took her inside his home, where he changed her clothes, put her on his bed, and in an effort to “get her temperature up,” had sex with her. Kelly was charged with first-degree felony rape on June 10, 2013 (Seamons “Utah Man Says”).

* Not a rape case but still a form of exploitation. Rosario Baluyot, a child prostitute in Olongapo City, had sex with Dr. Heinrich Stefan Ritter, an Austrian sex tourist at midnight on October 10, 1986. After the act, Ritter forced an electric vibrator into the girl’s vagina. It broke and left a 5” long screw in her cervix. Baluyot carried the broken screw on her cervix for almost 7 months, before she died due to complications. Her case went as far as the Supreme Court but was later reversed because of evidentiary grounds and Ritter was acquitted inspite of his own previous admission of being with the girl during the time the fragments were lodged in her cervix (Asinero).

* A Russian rapist had his penis bitten off by his victim in July 2012 in Novosibirsk and police kept the severed organ as evidence in court (Wilkins).

* A 2nd year college coed was raped in the comfort room of a detention cell, just a few feet away from the complaint desk of the Bacolod Police Precinct 1, San Juan St., Bacolod City, , Negros Occidental, Philippines on August 28, 2002.The cashier of Eukarmille Internet Café in Araneta St. had the student arrested for failure to pay her bills late that night. Cops detained the girl with male inmates inside. In early 2004, Judge Roberto Chiongson of Branch 50 of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) sentenced Fernando Fernandez, the only prisoner proven to have raped the coed, to reclusion perpetua; Marlon Asong, Ramon Quezon, Mariano Machan, and Sennis Ruiz were meted lighter penalties, such as acts of lasciviousness (Garde and Ellera-Dulla 1).

* Sifiso Makhubo, one of the worst serial rapists in South Africa, was arrested for the rape of 35 children and 2 women from January 2006 to February 2011, the youngest being 10 years old. 33 DNA samples from evidence collected from the victims had been a match with the alleged rapist as of press time. He faced 122 charges, including murder and was also charged with attempted murder over allegations he knowingly infected his victims with HIV, the first such prosecution. He was found dead in his prison cell hours before his trial and is believed to have hanged himself with a blanket (“Sifiso Makhubo”).

* A Somali refugee, who raped a tourist in London when he was 12, was given 5 years’ detention in January 1998 (Bennetto).

* Steven Deuman, then 25, of Suttons Bay, Michigan suffocated his daughter, Evelynne Deuman, 15 weeks old, his child during an oral rape in August 2011. The baby, who bled from the nose, had in her mouth a used condom, which had Deuman’s DNA on the inside and the child’s on the outside. Deuman was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault. Witnesses described in court how Deuman allegedly sexually abused them as children (Olson “Jury Convicts”).

* A student, 23, in New Delhi was gang raped by a bus driver and five other men after she and a male companion, 28, boarded the private bus to return to her home in a New Delhi suburb from watching a movie in December 16, 2012. The perpetrators locked the doors, beat the couple, and raped the woman and hit her in the worst possible ways in the most private parts of her body; the driver used an iron bar. The perpetrators drove the couple throughout the city for about 2 hours before dropping them below an overpass. Motorists just took a look at them and then move on for 20-25 minutes, until three police vehicles showed up, the cops being unable to decide which police precinct has jurisdiction. The woman was bleeding profusely and the man suffered a broken leg. The woman died on December 29, 2012. Five of the suspects were charged in a New Delhi court with murder, rape and kidnapping on January 3, 2013; the result of a bone marrow test will still determine if the sixth perpetrator will be charged as a juvenile or an adult (Kassim).

* The Suryanelli Rape Case took place on January 16, 1996 when a bus conductor abducted and raped a 16 year old girl from Suryanelli in Idukki district of Kerala, India, and later gave the girl to a woman and a lawyer. The woman and the lawyer then gave her to different men across kerala, including big name politicians, businessmen, and government officials. He giorl was raped for 40 days by 40 men. She was given little money, threatened not to reveal the crime, and released by her captors on February 26, 1996. A special court found 35 people guilty and sentenced them to prisonment fot varying lengths of time. The bus conductor and the woman (usha) were given 13 years while the laywer (Dharmarajan) was absconding at that time. Then the Kerala High Court over ruled special court verdict, finding only dharmarajan guilty, giving him only 5 years of imprisonment and a fine of only 50,000. The bus conductor and the woman were only charged for sex trade. The rape victim was arrested on charges of financial irregularities of 2,26,000 INR while working in the sales tax department February 6, 2012 and was also transferred. These are seen as harassment to break the victim’s will to bring her rapists to justice. The Supreme Court set aside the Kerala High Court judgment and directed it to look at the case again on January 31, 2013 (“Suryanelli Rape Case”).

* Ten armed, masked men forced their way into an apartment at Dunbar Village in 2007 and raped and sodomized a woman for more than 3 hours while beating her 12 year old son and forcing him to watch the brutality perpetrated on his mother. It ended with the mother and son being forced to have sex, then having household chemicals doused on them in an attempt to cover up the physical evidence. Four teens were brought to court by 2009: Avion Lawson, 14 at the time of the crime; Nathan Walker, then 16; Jakaris Taylor, then 15; and Tommy Poindexter, then 18. At least six other suspects remain at large as of 2009. Lawson, who at the time of his arrest was as 7th grader at an alternative middle school, pleaded guilty to 14 criminal charges and decided to testify against his co-defendants (Diaz).

* Thomas Brewer, 32, a German national, and Lennart Ven Empel, 24, a Dutch national, were charged for sex child abuse with a 15 and 9 year old in the Philippines but jumped bail and fled to Germany. Brewer was convicted to three and half years in Jail in November 1996 in Germany while Van Empil was convicted by a Dutch court in January 1997 and received 2 years (“Campaign Against Paedophiles”).

* Thomas Peifer, a former US Navy personnel, was wanted in Pennsylvania for 9 counts of child sexual molestation but escaped to Olongapo City, Philippines. Peifer had no visa nor passport and the only paper he carried was a Working Permit issued by the Subic Free Port. He worked at the Children’s Petting Zoo in the Subic Free Port (“Campaign Against Paedophiles”).

* Tressa Middleton from West Lothian, Scotland is the youngest mother in Great Britain, having been impregnated at 11 and gave birth to a baby girl at age 12 in June 2006. She was just seven when her brother Jason, then 12, started abusing her. Middleton revealed to the police her ordeal in 2008 and Jason was convicted of rape in July 2009 at the High Court in Glasgow and sentenced to four years in prison; he was released from prison in March 2013, after serving three years of his sentence (Closer Staff).

* Warren Jeffs, 55, self-proclaimed prophet and leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was convicted of two counts of sexually assaulting a child, one 12 and one 14 year old, and sentenced to life for the first count of aggravated sexual assault and an extra 20 years, to be served consecutively, for the second count of sexual assault, the maximum allowed for each count, in the first week of August 2011 in Texas. He was also given a $10,000.00 fine.

The FLDS’s Yearning for Zion compound in Eldorado, Texas was raided by the police in April 2008 in response to a call to an abuse hotline that turned out to be a hoax. However, they found women dressed in frontier-style dresses and hairdos from the 19th Century and pregnant underage girls; more than 400 children who had been placed in protective custody but were eventually returned to their families.

Investigators found out through pictures, journals, and recordings which Jeffs made and maintained to document everything he did that the notorious polygamist warehoused hundreds of young girls and women, some as young as 12, and brainwashed and indoctrinated them to satisfy his sexual desires.

A picture found by investigators showed 50 of his young wives in a group shot. Jeffs had 78 wives, 29 of whom are said to have been former stepmothers or those who have previously serviced Rulon Jeffs, Warren’s father and predecessor as the ecclesiastical leader of the polygamist sect FLDS, a radical offshoot of mainstream Mormonism with has at least 10,000 members worldwide; Warren took over the community in 1998. Furthermore, 56 of the girls were each other’s sisters and 24 were under the age of 17. DNA evidence presented during the trial showed that Jeffs had fathered a child with a 15 year old child bride. Jeffs also raped one of his nephews when he was 5 and a niece when she was 7. Another photograph showed Jeffs holding and passionately kissing an underage female church member; still another showed a bed where ritual sex sessions were carried out in front of a church audience (a special seat was placed for someone to record the sexual acts).

Explicit audio recordings containing sexual instructions, which helped secure Jeffs’ conviction, were played during the trial. A 90-minute segment detailed how the young brides should become “so natural as clothed as unclothed” and always shower before getting near Jeffs. A 20 minute audiotape started and ended with a man saying a prayer before sexually assaulting the 12-year-old in front of three other of his wives. A graphic 10 minute tape revealed Jeffs giving the young girls detailed pointers and softly telling five girls to ‘set aside all your inhibitions.’ The other tapes revealed Jeffs instructing his young wives how to please him sexually during “heavenly” or “celestial” sessions and they would be “rejected by God” if they did not comply; Jeffs telling the girls that by complying they help atone for the sins of their community; Jeffs telling the girls they ‘need to be excited’; Jeffs instructing his wives that they must ‘work together’ to please him sexually; Jeffs can be heard sexually assaulting a 12 year old; Jeffs can be heard having sex with all the girls at the same time (in a 2004 audiotape); and Jeffs instructing the women on how to maintain their pubic hair and a woman is heard showing the other wives how to properly shave their armpits (Bentley).

Three of Jeffs’ wives were said to have held down the 12 year old victim while Jeffs raped her. One of the girls bound the child’s arms and legs to stop her moving, tapes seized revealed

* Wilbert Regacho, 20, under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs, entered his neighbor’s home in Purok Bangrus, Barangay 1 in Purok Bangrus, Barangay 1, Bacolod City on October 31, 2012 and got inside the mosquito net of female siblings, aged 17 and 13, but was punched on the eyes by grandmother Carmen Terrano, who was awakened because of the noise, when she confronted him before stabbing the teenagers whom he tried to rape. Juvy Bustamante, the mother, tried to run after the suspect when he tried to escape but was also stabbed (“‘Drugged’ Suspect”).

* A woman, 31, a resident of San Carlos City and married to a 42-year-old German national, was kidnapped on July 18, 2012 and held captive for 8 days by Gilbert Escuadro, 34, also of San Carlos, first at a house and later at Skyland Hotel, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. Escuadro had beaten, strangled her, tied up and forced her to have sex with him twice a day. He had been habitually abducting her for two years. Bacolod National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents rescued the woman, arrested Escuadro, and charged him with kidnapping, serious illegal detention and multiple rape (Dangcalan “NBI Rescues Woman”) .

* A woman, 23, bit off a man’s penis after he tried to force her to perform oral sex on him in June 2008 in Heidelberg, Germany (“Heidelberg Woman”).

* A woman, 23, was lured into a hotel room by a female gang associate, Jolean Disbrow, 23, at a party on February 23, 2006, where she was gang raped over a 7 hour period because her boyfriend had “angered” members of an Anaheim gang in California, USA. Seven gang members and three female associates were arrested and then charged on April 3, 2006. Connie Herrera Retana, 38, the mother of one one of the suspects, Martin Carlos Delgado, 18, watched and encouraged the assault on the woman. Arrested were Jesse Bess, 23, Randy Calderon, 18, Keizzy Fierro, 22, Adrian Flores, 18, Raymond Jaramillo, 19, Luis Nava, 19, and Gilbert Ortiz, 15, along with Retana, Delgado and Disbrow. Oscar Jose “Sporty” Barajas, 19, remained at large as of press time. Each perpetrator was charged with four counts of forcible rape in concert and also faced one count of false imprisonment by violence, forcible oral copulation and forcible sexual penetration by a foreign object by force. All but Fierro were charged with dissuading a witness from reporting a crime and criminal street gang activity. Fierro and two others were charged with receiving stolen property, the victim’s car. Delgado was charged with one count of unlawful taking of a vehicle. The perpetrator, if convicted, may get a maximum penalty of 52 years to life to 184 years to life (“Police: Mom Watched”).

* A woman was left alone with a man after the truck carrying her and four other people broke down on a rural road in Alberta, Canada. While the others went for help, the man struck her, resulting to a broken jaw, and tried to sexually assault her but she fled into the wilderness, where she got lost for 12 days and survived by drinking river water and foraging for berries (Quinn).


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10 thoughts on “A Compilation of the Worst Rape Cases in the World by James U. Sy Jr. (Last Updated February 17, 2018)

  1. lot to sick people living on this planet, they are not to be sentenced but to be stoned to death in public. This exercise will bring down rape or crime on women or children.

  2. from a 15 weeks girl to 101 years old lady, no one mercied…is this the status of women in the world…ashamed at times to hear about a planet with people having devilish thoughts….its time to reshape society…its time for a beatiful world with no such dogs…

    • Hi, thank you for the comment. Yes, I agree with you all the way. The reason I post this compilation is to make the public aware of the evils of this crime and to forewarn them of the various myths and misconceptions associated with rape.

  3. Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to assert that I acquire in fact enjoyed account your blog posts.

    Anyway I will be subscribing to your feeds and even I
    achievement you access consistently fast.

  4. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/09/norwalk-math-tutor.html



    BELLFLOWER — A 13-year-old molestation victim pleaded with a judge Monday to give Kumon Math & Reading teacher who molested her “what he deserves.”

    “I’m not confident, I’m not comfortable socializing with anybody and it’s hard to trust people,” said the girl, whose name was withheld because she is a victim of a sex crime by her Kumon teacher.

    Her statement came at the sentencing of her molester, Frank Chung, a 63-year-old local man who molested her and allegedly two other girls at his Norwalk Kumon Math & Reading tutoring business.

    “I just want what he deserves,” the victim calmly but quietly told Bellflower Superior Court Judge Leland Tipton moments before Chung was sentenced to eight years in prison.

    The 13-year-old victim is one of three girls who told authorities they were attacked by Chung at the Kumon Tutoring Center, and she was the first victim to come forward, said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Detective Rudy Acevedo.

    Chung was arrested Sept. 8, and charged with lewd acts with a minor based on the allegation he molested the 13-year-old on a number of occasions at the Kumon learning center.

    When news of his arrest broke, the other two victims came forward and additional counts were added to the charge, Acevedo said.

    Chung pleaded no contest to a single count related to the first victim in exchange for eight years behind bars.

    Upon his release, Chung will be placed on three years parole and the charge, considered a violent sexual offense, leaves a strike on Chung’s record, said Acevedo, who is assigned to the Special Victims Bureau.

    The defendant is the owner of the Kumon Learning Center and worked there for five years with children providing after-school Kumon Math & Reading tutoring, according to the criminal complaint.

    He worked in a similar capacity at Kumon learning centers in Northern California for the past 25 years, bringing him in contact with countless children, detectives said.

    • I was raped over a 1000 times from the age of 5 to the age of 15 . My name is chet Lucas linder and I’m dead serious. I need help I was searching for world record of most times being raped and found this article. If anyone reads this PLZ contact me at 912 349 1605 or 912 398 5295 (preferably). I want to tell my story to anyone that cares enough to listen . it’s an absolute atrocity against mankind, life, and the human spirit.

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